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Q: What Makes a Band a Brand? A: Rick Caballo of Dead Horse Branding

When producer extraordinaire Marti Frederiksen's breakout band, Loving Mary, needed to reinvent their brand, there was one guy they turned to - Rick Caballo.


Australian-born, Nashville-based Caballo is the Co-Founder and creative soul behind Dead Horse Branding, a 360 degree Creative Brand Management company like no other. A true renaissance man as a performer and songwriter himself, Caballo has a better understanding than most of what it takes to build the perfect brand for musicians.

In three weeks Caballo locked down the entire Loving Mary brand creating a solid platform so they were ready to launch their upcoming tour with Steven Tyler. All art direction from logo design, photography, album cover and album art to the website, merchandise and videography was executed strategically and concisely by Caballo. A creative mind is not complete without a business side which is where partner Melissa Core excels. The beauty of Dead Horse is you get a fluid and tight brand as they do every aspect of branding from creative services right through to promotion, management and sales.

Caballo explains, "Branding the Loving Mary Band wasn't an easy process as they are six very talented and different individuals. It does help when you're working with people that you admire and who are at the top of the game. Take their logo for example, it was important that all of their influences, feels, genders and genres were all represented and rolled into one."

"Loving Mary's live gigs are solid with anthemic songs that by the time the next chorus is around you're already singing it. It's such a diverse band not only based on great tunes but strong country rock performances. I wanted the logo to encapsulate the Laurel Canyon meets a Nashville vibe… not too sweet but with a hint of whiskey in there".

Born from the mind of producer and hit songwriter Marti Frederikson, Loving Mary brings together well respected artists Rebecca Lynn Howard, Suzie McNeil, Elisha Hoffman, Andrew MacTaggart and Sarah Tomek. Their sound is a tantalizing mix of country, rock and alternative, which instantly gets audiences on their feet. And while they're great on their own, the roof regularly gets lifted off when rock icon Steven Tyler joins them on stage between his other commitments. Tyler has called them, "the most phenomenal band", and that's no understatement… that would also be the reason he chose them to tour with him this past summer of 2016.

"It's amazing when you get with people who know what they're doing. Rick Caballo from Dead Horse Branding makes it look like we know what we're doing! Dead Horse Branding is the whole stop shop." - Marti Frederiksen

As well as executing multiple photo shoots with Loving Mary, Caballo and Core worked closely with the group on their personal styling, helping to blend the overall look of the band while staying true to their strong individual personalities.

"I love being creative for other artistic brands, there's so much juice that can be squeezed out! Especially with a kick ass group like this", says Caballo.

Core adds, "I love seeing how Rick embodies every aspect of a brand and pulls it all together so effortlessly. But more than anything, the high quality of his work always amazes me."

Dead Horse Branding's 360 degree approach has seen it rapidly expand its stable of clients since establishing in 2015. It takes a unique anti-corporate stance and is a one-stop service that provides PR, marketing, photography, graphic design, apparel design, licensing, and management of people and brands. Several other clients include Hit Country Music Producer Tony Brown, Jep and Jessica Robertson of Duck Dynasty 'Calvary Fashion' and Australia's Leading Lifestyle Doctor Dr Karen Phillip.

Check out Loving Mary Band's website at

For more information about Rick Caballo visit ||

Media Contact: Melissa Core, Dead Horse Branding, 8188078180,

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